Having taught over one hundred students to drive who have attended RGS Worcester, I can safely say that they have all been among some of my favourite students. They generally are all very bright, confident and willing to learn, which makes my job so much more enjoyable. The school seems to encourage driving lessons and the more flexible the student is with their free periods the quicker they pass their test. Picking up is quite convenient too, parking just outside the school by the ATS garage, providing its not at 4pm then it gets pretty busy for 10 or so minutes. The students all seem to share the same fear of driving up Lansdowne road hill junction onto Rainbow Hill, as this is very close to RGS, but that’s all the fun of having driving lessons in Worcester and they get through that fear pretty quickly and successfully. I have even taught a handful of students whose parents actually teach at RGS, so I feel I have proven myself to be a competent and trusted Approved Driving Instructor. Any questions please get in touch, I look forward to teaching your son and daughter to drive.