In the fifteen years I have been an Approved Driving Instructor I have taught dozens of students to drive who attended The Kings School Worcester, all of which have successfully passed generally either on their 1st or 2nd attempts. I found the majority that I taught lived outside of Worcester in places such as Great Witley, Malvern and Martley.¬† Although this was generally a little far out to travel for driving lessons from Worcester itself, in every case we worked it out by either having the lessons during lunchtime’s around 1.20 or after school finished around 3.45. If the student had the lesson after school¬† and lived in Martley for example, I would finish the lesson in the Homebase/ McDonalds car park near St Johns so at least the parents didn’t need to come over the river to pick them up. Also as parking is not allowed outside The Kings School Worcester and it gets so busy after school, I sometimes would meet the students in the Texaco garage a short walk round the corner on the Bath Road, this would also benefit the student as they wouldn’t be wasting precious minutes queuing in traffic to get back on the main road. I found that most students on average, from no driving at all to some kind of test standard take about 25 to 30 hrs, this is reduced if they get to drive with mum or dad of course, and not everyone is the same, some take a lot less than others and pick it up very quickly. Getting the theory test booked and passed nice and quickly really helps with the driving progress too. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about learning to drive, please don’t hesitate to ask.